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Extend the Life of Your Engine with Oil Changes in Victoria

Keep the lifeblood of your engine healthy with regularly scheduled oil changes with the appropriate and best oil for your vehicle’s make and model. Jas Toora Automotive & Transmission Services Ltd. makes that job quick and convenient as well with our fast lube and low rider bay.


Book an appointment for your oil change or vehicle inspection today.

Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Oil is a crucial component to ensure your automobile's overall health and functionality. The frequency of oil changes relies on a number of factors, including the way you drive and the age of your engine. It is always advised to check your manufacturer’s instructions for service recommendations. The most common suggestion is to change your oil after every 5,000 km.


Failing to take care of your vehicle’s oil maintenance needs can prove to be damaging to your vehicle in the long run leading to expensive repairs and replacements. So it is better to pay attention to your scheduled oil changes before your vehicle’s engine is damaged. Here is what you can expect with regular oil change services:

Maintain your vehicle’s vitality Consistent oil maintenance improves the function and life of your engine.
Keep your engine clean Regularly changing your oil helps keep harmful dirt and debris out of your engine.

The Jas Toora Automotive & Transmission Services Ltd. Advantage

Oil changes are like the blood of your vehicle. When you choose Jas Toora Automotive & Transmission Services Ltd. for oil changes in Victoria, our team will perform a full visual inspection to inform you about any potential issues that may become a problem in the near future and also recommend services. Here is what you can expect:

We can do everything from an engine oil change and filter change to a visual inspection of the vehicle
We can also check the lights, top up the fluids, and tire pressures
We only use oil specified by the manufacturer of your make and model of vehicle. Using a good oil specified by the manufacturer will help the vehicle run smoother and last longer
We will then also cover whatever is recommended in the maintenance schedule for your vehicle that is due now or let you know if something is coming up soon

Conventional oil changes are generally from 6,000 km to 8,000 km, while a full synthetic is sometimes yearly or 8,000 km to 14,000 km.

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