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Victoria Keeps Its Commercial Fleets & Taxis Running with Us

Jas Toora Automotive & Transmission Services Ltd. offers special maintenance programs for your fleet of business vehicles or taxis.


Don’t let breakdowns eat into your time, reputation and profits. Schedule preventive maintenance that includes not only regular oil changes but also inspections and servicing for your brakes, steering and tires.


We are an ICBC designated inspection facility. Our trained professionals are also ready to address drivability problems or breakdowns.

What Is a Fleet Service?

Are you a business owner operating a fleet of company vehicles? Do you want to keep your vehicles safe and well-functioning? You will require fleet maintenance services from a professional company. At Jas Toora Automotive & Transmission Services Ltd., we offer services for your fleet vehicles to inspect them regularly and provide you insights into how your vehicles are doing. One of the major benefits of these services is that if any of your vehicles require major or minor repairs, you will be well aware and in a better position to resolve the issue before it results in downtime

Importance of Fleet Services

A fleet of company vehicles is a valuable asset, so it is important to rely on experienced technicians when it comes to fleet maintenance or repair. There are many reasons why professional fleet services are crucial to your business:

It helps you reduce vehicle downtimes
It helps you fulfill your client’s expectations and establish a reliable business reputation
It enables you to ensure the safety of your employees and other road users

What We Offer

Jas Toora Automotive & Transmission Services Ltd. understands that uptime is important for you. That is why your fleet vehicles need maintenance more often as compared to personal vehicles since they are constantly in use. You need to bring your vehicles for regular oil changes and get inspections more frequently, such as every 3 to 6 months, to ensure that everything works well and avoid any downtime or repair issues.


It is not uncommon for us to see service vehicles with 700,000 km – 800,000 km on them. The most kilometres we have seen on a taxi was 1.1 million km. It often comes down to how long your vehicle can last if you take good care of them with preventative maintenance. Fleet owners who visit us regularly are given a high priority. So if you show up with an emergency, we will try to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

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